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Your great adventure ...

Casa de Buceo is a family that since 1991 works in Santa Marta to transform the lives of those who want to learn to breathe underwater and explore the fantastic marine world.


In just 3 days get ready and learn what you need to continue exploring the underwater world.


In one morning discover diving in an easy and fun way with your instructors.


I already have a diving certification 


In one morning make two tank dives expanding your experience with our diving professionals.


You already know you love diving so keep preparing to live  more varied underwater adventures in new diving environments

Diving Specialties

You have a world of possibilities underwater, take courses to learn techniques and venture into specific environments.

Our family

María E. Peláez is the head and mother of the house with David Gutiérrez Pelaéz her son, together they add more than 30 years of experience as PADI diving instructors (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) the largest and most recognized certifying agency in the world .

With a familiar treatment and personalized attention we guarantee that you will live the best adventure in an easy, safe and fun way.

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Why Santa Marta?

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the highest mountain in the world next to the sea, the highest in Colombia and one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet that plunges from the snowy peaks into the crystal clear waters of Tayrona Park and the bays of Santa Marta

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With colder waters than the rest of the Caribbean thanks to the influence of the Sierra Nevada that increases the strength of the trade winds that travel throughout the Caribbean and reach our waters. This favors the growth of corals and fauna that you can observe in each adventure

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