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You already have a lot of experience and good skills but underwater as in life we never stop learning... continue your education as a diver and exceed your own limits.

Peak Preformance Bouyancy

Achieving perfect buoyancy is not easy and it is something that many divers find difficult, if this is your case or you want to master this skill to take photos and video underwater, carry out field work or simply dive in a effortless and more relaxed way this is the course for you.

You will obtain your digital material and do 2 training dives with your PADI instructor.

Cost: 960.000 cop
Shipwreck Diving

A particularly interesting experience is to see how the sea takes over the submerged structures, creating new environments to explore. Ships, planes, cars and even submerged mines give us very diverse options to explore. Learn to enter these environments and be prepared for the challenges they involve.

In this course we will do 4 dives in several sunken ships to practice special skills in these environments, always guided by a PADI instructor.

Cost: 1´300.000 cop
Deep Diving

The sea is immense and we would like to be able to explore it all but we have some limitations... reach the maximum depth for recreational scuba diving and learn to dive up to 40 meters deep visiting reefs or sunken ships.

In this course we will carry out 4 specific training dives in skills and abilities for deep diving always guided by a PADI instructor 

Cost: 1´300.000 cop
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