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The geographical richness of Santa Marta provides us with a large number of diving sites with different characteristics for divers of all levels, in addition, the trade winds combined with the position and height of the Sierra Nevada have isolated the reefs of the different bays, creating unique conditions which have resulted in beautiful Coral colonies.

The most outstanding feature of our dive sites is that in a single dive you can see most of the Caribbean reef fish, for example it is common to see more than three species of parrot fish, butterflies and angels in addition to colorful trumpets, bishops, schools of surgeons, grunts, squirrels, blue, gray and crossbow chromes, among others, without counting on brain corals, golf balls, octocorals, starfish, sea fans, lobsters, crustaceans and crabs that you will be able to observe in its natural environment.

Gaira Bay

It is the closest area where you can entertain yourself whether you are a novice diver or an advanced adventurer.

Playa Blanca: Ideal for our practical workshops with the equipment since it is like a swimming pool and you can start from the shore, although if you are a certified diver and you like currents you can also do a more exciting dive.

Sunken Ship: It is a cargo ship originally sunk by Captain Ospina Navia with the aim that people visit it diving without a tank, however a storm moved it and now it is 28 meters underwater so you can only visit it if you are an advanced diver or as part of the advanced certification training.

Morro del Rodadero: A small island in front of Rodadero with a beautiful reef highly recommended for night diving.

El Natali: This is a sunken yacht about 32 meters deep, very entertaining and full of fish as it is little visited by fishermen

Santa Marta Bay

Santa Marta´s Morro (the Lighthouse): Island where you can do about four totally different dives, from minicourses to deep and current dives.

Fun fact: this island was used as the first prison in Colombia in the times of the republic.

Punta Betín: On this rocky ledge there are several barges that used to transport coal for the city´s port, in a single dive you can visit two of them that are between 6 and 15 meters deep or if you have your advanced deep diver certification join us to explore another one that is 35 meters deep.

Tayrona Park, Granate

It is the first cove within the Tayrona Park in its southern area, characterized by its tropical dry forest that changes with the coming and going of the rains as in autumn and spring.

In this area of ​​rocky beaches we can find very beautiful and calm diving sites such as La Pecera, Punta Granate, La Montañita and El Cantil among others.

Tayrona Park,

Aguja Island, (Puntaguja)

It is the only island in the Tayrona National Natural Park and has more than 8 dive sites for all levels, with sites from the shore such as Calichan, to current dives in El Salidero, deep dives in Morrito Largo and even pristine reefs that are very well protected in El Torin and el Coro.